Fire-resistant optical fiber cable

      Fire-resisitant cable is the cable which can ensure to supply power and signal normally in a period when fire occurs.It is used for occasions where people are crowed like shopping market,underground railway,station and high buildings,etc.The cable can give an alarm and supply lighting to help solve fire problem.
      The fire-resistant power cable cable and fire-resistant control cable manufactured by our company are in accordance with GB/T19216.21 or IEC60331.21.And also we can supply products according to customer's requirments like Class A(Flame temperature can reach 950℃-1000℃) and Class B (Flame temperature can reach 750℃-800℃). 

      Type:N-VV   N-VV22   N-VV32   N-YJV   N-YJV22   N-YJV32   N-EV   N-EV22   N-EV32   N-KVV   N-KVV22   N-KVV32   N-KYJV   N-KYJV22   N-KYJV32   N-KEV   N-KEV22   N-KEV32 
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