Instrumeng,control,compensating cable of class K3 grade 1E for nuclear plant

      The Product is mainly used for the unclear island and the convenntional island of nuclear power plants and the electric power transmission,control,computer,instumentation of BOP buildings and so on.It is a radiation-resistant special cable applicable for the apecial operating environment of the nuclear power plant.In addition to such conventional cable properties,it also must have excellent environmental resistance,heat resistance,radiation resistance,LOCA resistance.XLPE and EPR insulating materials and other Lsoh materals ensure the product not to produce corrosive gases when it is combusting,to meet the higt fire-retardant requirements and to conform to the environmental requirements.
      Class 1E of the Nuclear cable is a equipment safety class for electrical systems and equipemnt,inclusive K1,K2,K3 three categories.It covers electrical systems and equipment necessary for the following:the emergency reactor shutdown,safe shell isolation,emergency core cooling,removal of residual heat from the reactor and reactor building,Prevention of accidents or accidents or limiting the radiological consequences there of emissing into the surrounding environment.K3 cables refer to cables laid outside the reactor,it should carry out its function under normal circumstances and seismic loads. 


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