Reinforced insulated busbar channels

      The busway products are used for the transmission and distribution of power for its characteristics of compact construction,strong interchange and exchange,large transmission volume,low line loss and high intensity for ahort ciucuit,etc.So they are broadly used by advanced countries abroad and by high buildings and large-sized companise at home because of their reliable safety,agility and convenience for circuit alteration and expansion,without interference between installation at site and buibing.

      TYPE:CCKX128-S   CCKX128-Z   CCKX128-B   CCKX128-RB   CCKX128-P   CCKX128-H   CCKX128-ZD   CCKX128-C   CCKX128-LSY   CCKX128-LSZ   CCKX128-LSYE   CCKX128-LSZE   CCKX128-LCSY   CCKX128-LCSZ   CCKX128-LSSY   CCKX128-LSSZ   CCKX128-LC   CCKX128-TSY   CCKX128-TSZ   CCKX128-TC   CCKX128-XS   CCKX128-XC   CCKX128-ZSY   CCKX128-ZSZ   CCKX128-ZC 

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