Optical fiber communication cable

      First.srand-layer type optical fiber cable for outdoor communical use:This kind of products are composed of reinforced components,which have filling paste for optical fiber and lots of stained optical fiber loose sleeves which strand around the circumference of the components.The quantity of the optical fibers in the cable is 2 to 144.Certain number of signal wires can also be added in accordance with the requests of customers,and derivation type optical fiber cable which possesses flame-retardant and anti-biting properities can also be manufactured for some special uses.The products have good adaptability and excellent mechanical property,which can be applied in aerial,pipeline and direct-buried laying occasions. 
      TYPE:GYTA   GYA   GYTA53   GYTA33   GYTA333   GYTS   GYS   GYTS33   GYTS333   GYTS43   GYTY53   GYY53   GYFTY   GYFY   GYFTY63

      Overall-medium self-supporting type optical cable:This kind of products haven't metal reinforced components,so they possess good properties of thunder-resistance and electromagnetism-resistance,esp.applicable for unique communication network in electric power system.Moreover,having the characteristics of high intensity,light weight,small cross section and easy to span construction,the ADSS optical fiber cables are also applied in the span of line in the complicated areas,e.g.rivers and valleys etc. 


      Compound overhead ground wire of optical fiber cable:This kind of products are new products,compositively utilizing a new communication method of optical fiber in the overhead ground wire of transmission electricity line.Besides having the necessary properties of mechanical intensity and electricity performance,the products also possess such merits of optical fiber communicaton as largr capacity,low loss,wide view,strong electromagnetism-resistance and disturbance etc..The products can not only be used for the comm unication,optical and Electric transmission,electrical power protection between power plant and transformer substation or between transformer substation and substation,but combining meshwork between cities with electricity meshwork of extra-high voltage. 

      TYPE:OPGW-65   OPGW-75   OPGW-85   OPGW-100

      Center bundled pipe type fully filling outdoor monomode optical fiber cable for communication use:The characteristics of this kind of products are that the optical fibers are fastened on the center of the cable and the reinforsed components are put around the circumference.During the process of manufacture,the optical fiber are not influenced by the intertwisting, adn the surplus length of the finished cables can be 2 to 3 percent.The products possess excellent properties of transmission and mechanical physics,with the metrits of fine diameter,compact construction,light weight, small bulk and low cost etc..They can be used in overhead orpiping laying occasions.

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