MV/LV composite cable

      This product is a new type cable R&D by our company to response to the slogan of "building the intelli-gent power grid",put faruard by the state grid.It is wildely applied to the construction of the state grid and achieves the gransmission of the pouer and signal.
      This cable is adopted varions kins of construition and material ,this rind of products possess such characte-ristics as flame retardant,fire resistant,anti-rodents,anti-termites,water biocking,cow smoke zero halogen,low smoke low halogen,low temperature resistance,oil resistance and ultravio let resistance.It is easy to span construction,avoiding the sccond construction and greatly saving the cost for the project. 

      TYPE:BVV   BVVB   VV   VLV   YY   YLY   YJV   YJLV   YLY   YJLY   VV22   VLV22   YJY22   YJLY22   YJV22   YJLV22

      TYPE:XG   XTG   CG   CTG   BG
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