HV/EHV XLPE insulated power cable

      This kind of systen's cable part possess such characteristics as high working-temperature ,large transmission capacity,good electrical performance,convenience to be erected and laid,low fault rate and easy maintenance etc. The products have replaced oil-filled cables step to be used in power network of power station and cities.
      Executive standard of enterprise GB/t11017,GB/Z18890 refers to international standard IEC60840.And some performance requirements are stricter than IEC60840.IEC62067.
      Our company adopts such advanced manufacture equipment as a vertical cross-linking cable production line with 500kV manufactured by TROESTER  company and a vertical EHV cross-linking cable production line manufactured by NOKIA company. And inspection equipment imported from Swwitzerland HAFFLLY company makes the products more reliable. 


       TYPE:YJV   YJLV    YJY   YJLY    YJAY   YJLAY    YJAY-Z   YJLAY-A    YJLW02   YJLLW02    YJTW02   YJLTW02    YJLW02-Z   YJLLW02-Z    YJTW02-Z   YJLTW02-Z  YJLW03   YJLLW03   YJTW03   YJLTW03    YJLW03-Z   YJLLW03-Z    YJTW03-Z   YJLTW03-Z

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