MV/LV XLPE insulated power cable

      This kind of products possess such characteristics as large transmission capacity,hight working-temperatue,being not limited by the 
differebce of levels and convenient to be erected and laid,etc.They can be used broardly in the power networks of industrial,mining enterprises and cities. 
      Our company adopts such advanced manufacture equipment as a vertical cross-linking cable production line with 132kV manufactured by TROESTER  company and a vertical EHV cross-linking cable production line manufactured by NOKIA company. And inspection equipment imported from Swwitzerland HAFFLLY company makes the products more reliable. 


      TYPE:YJV   YJLV    Z-YJV   Z-YJLV    DD-YJV   DDUJLV    YJY   YJLY    Z-YJY   Z-YJLY    WD-UJY   WD-YJLY    YJV22   YJLV22    Z-YJV22   Z-YJLV22    DD-YJV22   DD-YJLV22    YJV23   YJLV23    Z-YJV23   Z-YJLV23   DD-YJV23   DD-YJLV23    YJV32   YJLV32    DD-YJV32   DD-YJLV32    YJV33   YJLV33    WD-YJY33   DD-YJLY33    YJV42   YJLV42    DD-YJV42   DD-YJLV42    YJV42   YJLV42    WD-YJY43   DD-YJLY43 

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