PVC insulated power cable

      The PVC insulated and sheathed power cables of rated voltages up to and including 3.6/6kV are broadly used for electrical power transmission of buildings,mining areas,nuclear stations and airports,etc.The allowed long-term working temerature of the conductors is 70℃,and the max.Working temperature of the conductors in short-circuit doesn't exceed 160℃.


      TYPE:VV   VLV   Z-VV   Z-VLV   DD-VV   DD-VLV   VV22   VLV22   Z-VV22   Z-VLV22   DD-VV22   DD-VLV22   VV32   VLV32   DD-VV32   DD-VLV32   Z-VV32   Z-VLV32   VV42   VLV42   DD-VV42   DD-VLV42   Z-VV42   Z-VLV42  

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