Hanhe was awarded in the list of “Top 10 enterprise in the China cables and wires industry”

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      From September 23rd to September 24th, before the National Day of People Republic of China, “the Convention of China Cables and Wires industry of 2014 and the sixth exhibition for China international cables and wires” hosted by cable branch of CEEIA and SECRI was grandly held was held in Shanghai.  
      Mr.Xu hongwei, our manager, Mr. Chen peiyun, our chief engineer and Mr. Zhang linjun of Jiaozuo branch took part in the convention. During the convention, more than 400 experts from more than 280 colleges and companies took part in the technique seminar. It involved the macro-background and situation of international cables and wires industry, reflect and practice of enterprise transformation, equipments and etc.
      During the keynote speech of the convention, the leading experts from the Development Research Center of the State Council stated the policy direction of the current domestic reform and development. The experts from home and abroad analyzed and introduced some economic hot issues such as development situation of international cables and wires industry, macro economy situation of China, the direction of financial investment and the urbanization.
      The convention chose the transformation development of cable industry and the innovation of management model, shared the reflect and experience of the transformation of domestic competitor. Besides, the convention discussed the integration of the cable industry, annexation and reorganization of enterprises, the expand of international market, development internationalization, the innovation of market operation model and technology research and development, the construction of enterprise culture.
      The host of the convention initially the result of “ Competitiveness Evaluation of China Cables and Wires Enterprises”. Qingdao Hanhe Cable Co.,Ltd won for its excellent performance and was awarded in the list of “ Top 10 enterprises in the China cables and wires industry”. Mr. Xu hongwei, our manager, attended the award ceremony. The evaluation report shows that the net assets, net profits and many other indexes are in the leading level in the industry. The total return on assets and net return on equity are both in a high level, as well. Compared with other enterprises in the similar scale, our competitive advantage in the profitability is become more and more obvious. In the future, we will try to expand scale so that the competitiveness will be improved abviously.
      On the afternoon of September 25th and 26th, Mr. Xu hongwei with other colleagues from equipments department, purchase department, process department and workshop took part in the exhibition of “Wire China 2014” held in the SNIEC. We communicated with many well-known enterprises form home and abroad  and learned the development of new production processes, new equipments, new materials and top-level technology and test k methods.

      During this visit, we are not only get the honor but also enriched our experience. The honor proved the history. For us, people in Hanhe, what we should do in the future is to strive and get more.


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