Qingdao Hanhe Cable Co., Ltd., founded in 1982, considers “Credit, Quality, Efficiency and Innovation” as enterprise spirit in its development for more than 30 years. As citizens with highly social sense of responsibility, Hanhe successively won the Qingdao Top Ten Strongest Enterprises, Qingdao Economic Achievement and Outstanding Contribution Award, The Provincial Civilized Units, Shandong Machinery Industry Top Ten Enterprise of Independent Innovative Brand, Top One Hundred High Sales Revenue Enterprises In China Machinery Industry, Top 100 Enterprise With Highest Influence in China's Electromechanical Industry, The Best Enterprise of Economic Benefit, The National Key High-tech Enterprise Group, National Torch Plan High-tech Enterprises, National High and New Technology Enterprise, China Credit Enterprise, Top Ten Credit Units For Customers’ satisfaction of Service Quality in China Industry, The sixth China large enterprise groups, and the first Top 500 Enterprise Group with Strongest Competitiveness, China's Top 500 Manufacturing enterprises, China's Top 100 Electrical Industry, Global top 500 Chinese High-tech Group, The World's Top 500 Brands, Top 500 Companies in China Machinery Industry in 2010, etc. Hanhe has become a respected enterprise in the industry and the market.
      Promote in an All-round Way and Carry Out Vigorously the Strategy of Strengthening the Company Though Culture
      Building Hanhe culture is the enterprise’s long-term development strategy. Hanhe always pays attention to cultural construction and constantly gives it new era characteristics, the enterprise’s feature and rich connotation. And Hanhe Cable combines shaping enterprise core values, carrying forward Hanhe spirit and liberating minds, changing ideas together. While establishing a modern enterprise system, we have to cultivate and improve carefully Hanhe culture, enrich constantly the connotation of the entrepreneurial spirit of civilization, strengthen the enterprise cohesion and lay ideological and cultural foundation for rapid development of enterprises. Hanhe Cable treats employees as the most valuable resource, takes people as root; considers the training and using of the talents as an important strategic task and builds actively good platform for employees. Hanhe Cable plays an important role of advanced culture to lead the fashion, educate employees, serve to the company, and promote development in the industry.
      The characteristic enterprise culture of Hanhe Cable is the crystallization of practice of our company and wisdom of our leaders. At the beginning of this new century, under the leadership of our board chairman, Zhang Sixia, and the group party committee, Hanhe considered the experience and characteristic culture as basis, summed up the advanced cultural ideas with outstanding characteristic of Hanhe and compiled them into a "Hanhe Culture Handbook". Through examples, research & training, image displaying, typical propaganda and mass media, Hanhe enhances the cultural quality of the staff in their daily work and subtle. By carrying out a full range of enterprise culture construction, Hanhe Cable enhances cultural influence of Hanhe and builds our own cultural superiority. We strengthen multi-channel and multi-level cultural exchanges; participate widely in cultural activities in order to enhance continuously Hanhe culture’s influence and attractiveness in the industry and society. We improve employees' cultural and physical quality and enhance their cohesion and team consciousness by enriching their leisure life, so as to promote our enterprise culture construction and the company's brand image.
      In the spring of 2012, Hanhe Club was founded, including basketball, badminton, football, table tennis, billiards, chess, mountain climbing, painting and calligraphy art club, containing nearly 600 people. Membership includes ordinary employees, middle managers and senior executives.
      Practice and Effectiveness that Hanhe Culture Affected on Promoting the Sustainable Development of the Enterprise
      Since the new century, Hanhe culture’s soft power enhanced significantly. The unique corporate culture and talent, technological innovation and cooperation, management and innovation of Hanhe provide a powerful cultural, intellectual, technical and management support to build the Hanhe brand, and enhance effectively the market competitiveness of enterprises. Cultural soft power strengthens significantly. Hanhe culture constructions stand on a new level. It made the enterprise physical, mental and political construction develop coordinately and achieved remarkable results. We will provide products with higher quality and better service for the market and customers and establish the win-win cooperation with domestic and foreign customers and the healthy and sustainable development of Hanhe and society. 
      Hanhe culture is an important content for training new employees. It makes the newbies feel warm and get baptism of the advanced culture as soon as they come here.
      Hanhe DVD (including network video and U disk) updates new version every two years. And it has become a propaganda image window that introduces Hanhe to the outside world.
      Hanhe’s website has become to a window for the society to understand us and pay attention to the development of us. The exhibition booth and catalogue of Hanhe include Hanhe cultural element and they could give people a refreshing feeling and visual impact.
      Hanhe central exhibition hall shows comprehensive focus on its history, awards, win-win cooperation, typical performance, characteristic culture, management and innovation, intellectual property, independent innovation, spotlight exhibits, etc.
      Hanhe cup speech, knowledge contest and technology competition are held each year and welcomed warmly by the employees.
      We motivate all the staff by publicizing knowledge-based employees and role model through media and activities.
      Company, factory (workshop) and team tertiary training; professional training and visiting are full of the year. We will organize annual advanced pacesetters to have a tour as award. And this encourages the employees to study harder and more actively. Joining in the staff technical innovation team becomes fashionable for the workers. Lots of intelligent technical workers emerged, such as Li Shaoyang. They play an active role in the enterprise.
      “A Good”, activity organized by the Labor Union, Human Resource, Technical Center, Lab and League Committee, promotes the building of Learning Type Organization. The knowledge and skills of those frontline staff increased significantly because of the technical training, knowledge contest and technical competition. The skill level of more than 10% of the staff’s promotes one class and nearly 15% of them own more than 2 skill certifications every year.
      The cultural life of Hanhe is rich and colorful. The special activities in New Year’s Day party, Women’s Day, Youth Day are very attractive. Artistic performance, singing and recitation, painting and calligraphy exhibition become to the important platform for the employees to improve esthetic sentiment and cultural literacy.
      M and more people come to the fore in the Hanhe cup basketball game, autumn mountain motocross, football competition and fun games held every year,.
Company news, production and operation trend, advanced models, workshop construction, managerial implications and culture corner and other columns are published in the 《Hanhe Newspaper》 and internal billboards. They are welcomed by all the staff, good for them to develop self-esteem, autonomy, self-confident character and enhance the cohesion and solidarity of the company.
      Our company pays attention to the enterprise culture construction and various cultural and physical activities in which the leaders attended, watched, awarded and played. There’s no distance between employees and employers.
      The staff influenced by Hanhe specific culture and mastering technology, performs duties in different jobs. They have created many brilliant achievements for the customers and the market. We take pride of them.
      Working with “Construct Hanhe Brand” which is the core project of the enterprise, for many years, we consider “Build Hanhe Brand, Sincerely Serve Society” as enterprise tenet, “Credit, Quality, Efficiency and Innovation” as enterprise spirit, “Catch up with the international most advanced level in cable industry” as guideline for management. Hanhe has successfully developed 500 kV, 220 kV EHV cable, 220 kV cable accessories, OPLC, submarine cable, heat resistant, high strength, carbon fiber composite core special wire, etc. and high pressure on-line detection device and other high and new products. Some of them filled the domestic blank, replaced imported products and went out of the country. So far, Hanhe Cable can provide one-stop service of installation, trial operation, maintenance and package of supporting services. Hanhe owns more than 60 national patents, 30 innovative core technologies; create more than 90 new product new technology and new process. Staying on the forefront of technology, Hanhe cable took part in drafting and approving industrial and national standards on electric wires and cables.
      The high-end products series, such as HV, EHV crosslinking cable, accessory, insulation material, submarine cable etc., continue contributing to social and economic development and industrial upgrading. Hanhe is one of the first companies to develop line-line monitoring device in smart grid and new materials field. Hanhe Cable is the best seller of HV cables and related accessories, special conductors, submarine cables and HV mining cables in China.
      Sincere service build brand and create the value beyond customers’ expectations. Hanhe commits high quality products and services in every aspect. Hanhe motivates people with the system, unites people with emotional cohesion, attracts people with performance and build brand with sincerity.
      We build Hanhe Brand depending on products, work and service with high quality and creating value beyond customers’ exception. We should perfect marketing service, strengthen new product development and preserve customers’ interests to gain market reputation and public praise. All the staff considers building Hanhe brand as important mission. We work hard continuously to make Hanhe Brand more brilliant.
      The brand and the products of Hanhe Cable contain wisdom, devotion and emotions of managers, workers and creators in Hanhe Cable. Hanhe Cable is initially certificated by systems of quality, environment, occupational safety and health. These certifications are the keys to get the trust of customers and reflect sense of social responsibility of Hanhe people. Products of Hanhe Cable have been certificated by some certifications such as Power (Beijing) Product Certification Center Co., Ltd. (PCCC), China Compulsory Certification (CCC), KEMA, DNV and UL certification. 
      After winning the bidding of Beijing Olympics Games, products of Hanhe Cable won the bidding of Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games for our best quality and leading service, both projects sat strict requirement of technique parameters and products reliability. What is worth mentioned, Hanhe Cable won the Power Security Contribution Award of 29th Beijing Olympics Games, Power Guarantee of Shanghai World Expo and the Primary Bidder of High Voltage-cable in the Guangzhou Asian Games. All in all, we supply kinds of high quality products for different industries and export to more than 30 countries globally.
       “Build Hanhe Brand, Sincerely Serve Society” and “React timely to the market, to be extra honesty to customers” are the customs of Hanhe people. Hanhe Cable always set our mission as fulfill our social responsibility and maximizes customers’ benefits; therefore, we won the trust and praise. Since 2008, Hanhe Cable has been awarded many honor titles including “the Best Enterprise Citizen in Shandong Province”, “One of the first batch qualified enterprise in Shandong Province”, “the model corporation of fulfilling social responsibility” and “the charity award in Shandong province”.
      The brand of Hanhe is famous home and abroad. As our products and services are used around the world and win a good reputation. Our products are applied in many fields such as power grid, power station, petrochemical engineering, metallurgy, coal-mining industry, railway, transportation and communications.
      In the international market, the products of Hanhe Cable are applied in many projects including 110KV cable and accessory of Moscow Power Grid in Russia, 220KV cable of the Chashma nuclear power plant in Pakistan, 132KV cable of power transmission in Australian, 220KV power transmission in Iraq, radio and television in America and other projects in Singapore, Thailand and India etc. All of these projects win a better image and high reputation for China in the world.
      Due to our endeavor and insistence in the 30 years, the brand of “Hanhe” has gotten many honor title such as famous-brand of Qingdao, famous-brand of Shandong, China famous-brand products, national free-inspection quality products, and China famous-brand. And therefore, we are now the leading corporation in the industry and the image representative of made-in-China. At the same time, Hanhe display Hanhe Brand, operating characteristics and professional services to the potential customers throughout national professional and authoritative organization media such as newspapers and television enterprise website news advertising and product introduction of professional exhibitions, etc.
      As the “National Credit Enterprise”, the good faith of Hanhe Cable wins the reliability of customers from home and abroad. We provide a full course of follow-up services from the sign of contracts, pre-sales, in-sales to after-sales. We bear customers in our mind and solve out customers’ problems, satisfy customers’ requirements firstly. Our immediate actions do make the customers feel our endeavor, reliability and faith.
      The stock of Hanhe Cable has been listed on the Shenzhen stock market, which means the building of Hanhe Cable brand has stride into a new period. The national HV and EHV cable engineering and technological research center and national enterprise technical center built by Hanhe Cable undertake actively national science and technology plan projects. We are now one of the leaders in the technology innovation and own many prominent achievements created by us independently. Therefore, our products are applied in the power department around many provinces and get good reputation for the good performance.
      We are trying our best to enhance the entire comprehensive strength of our enterprise and the industry. The enterprise objective of Hanhe is to be a world-famous brand which can be the first-class domestically and have enough international influence.
      Our distinct enterprise culture is the engine of the enterprise development and can realize the value increment for our customers, staffs and stockholders. Besides, the enterprise helps us “Catch up with the international most advanced level in cable industry. More importantly, it will help us to be the first brand in the cable industry and to be a world-famous enterprise!”

      Outlook the future, Hanhe people will work hard together and go towards our high ambition!


                                                       Collection of Hanhe Enterprise Culture

      Hanhe Cable——Approach Dream,Create Brilliancy!
      Aim of Hanhe——Build Hanhe Brand, Sincerely Serve Society
      Core Ideology——Sustainable Development Remarkable and Lasting Achievement
      Enterprise Spirit——Credit, Quality, Efficiency and Innovation
      Guideline for Management——Catch up with the international most advanced level in cable industry. 
      Strategic Target——We will focus on our main business of cable, develop more advanced products, increase economies of scale and try to be the first brand in the cable industry. Besides, Hanhe will extend stably to related industries. Taken together, Hanhe will be built as a comprehensive large enterprise group focus in the cable.
      Quality Policy——Superior Quality, High Creditability and Famous Brand.
      Six principles of Hanhe——React Rapidly to Market, Be Honest to Guests;
                                                Be Exceptionally Vigorous in Work, Make Everything Better;
                                                Respect and Help with Each Other, Be Loyal to Company.
      Internal slogan——The brand is in our hand, the guests are in our heart
                                     Work hard today and tomorrow will be happy.
      Four Management ideas——Try our best to expand the market, satisfy the guest, create fortune and avoid risk.
      Service Tenet——Start with the demand of the customers and end with their satisfaction
      Management Concept——Combine scientific management with humanistic management
      Hanhe Talent philosophy——Hire those who have both ability and political integrity. Let every post has the right people and let everyone has the right post. Recruit innovative talents from all over the world.
      Approach Dream, Create Brilliancy!

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